Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Where fish lovers eat breakfast, Argentine Red Shrimp a la plancha

When I ordered Two Eggs Any Style with Whiting at Golden Grill in Teaneck, I received two platters, a large portion of broiled fish in a tasty gravy, above, and two eggs over easy with home fries, below.

Cholula Hot Sauce from a bottle on the table gave on my eggs a Mexican accent.

Editor's note: Sunday began with a bountiful breakfast of eggs and fresh fish, and ended with a dinner of jumbo Argentine Red Shrimp grilled on the stove top at home.


North Jersey is crowded with bigger and fancier places to have breakfast, but none equal Golden Grill in Teaneck.

That's especially the case, if you love fish and believe there's nothing lovelier than a delicious fillet with your eggs and home fries.

On Sunday morning, I took my wife and our guest from out-of-town for a filling breakfast in the modest storefront on Queen Anne Road.

This West Englewood section of Teaneck attracts food lovers with everything from the bustling Golden Grill to a French patisserie to several kosher places, including a bagelry and a coffee house.

More than fish

Besides whiting, you can order a homemade fish cake, sardines, chicken livers or other items with your platter of eggs or breakfast sandwich at Golden Grill.

Breakfasts are served with toast, terrific home fries or grits or both, and a small glass of juice.

When you order whiting, it will come fried unless you ask for it broiled, as I always do.

My breakfast of two eggs over easy, home fries, whiting fillets and juice was $7 (hold the toast). Tea was $1.40.

My eggs, whiting and home fries have been served on a large oval platter, but I got a bonus on Sunday -- two round plates, one with more fish than usual.

Golden Grill is known for generous portions at modest prices. Service is casual.

Breakfasts, such as this Spanish Omelet with hot sauce, usually are served on large oval platters ($8.95).

A vegetable omelet with added spinach and sausage ($9.95).
Most of the seating at Golden Grill is in booths.

Add a little heat to your breakfast with Cholula Hot Sauce from Mexico.

A portion of the menu.


Golden Grill, 1379 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck; 201-837-1078. 

Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch until 3:30 p.m. Free street parking.

Previously frozen Argentine Red Shrimp, thawed and rubbed with fresh lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil and minced garlic, cooking on a stove-top grill. They were done after about 7 minutes on each side.

The grilled shrimp were delicious, shell and all. Inside, they couldn't have been more tender.

Long journey to my plate

Nearly 40 years after my first trip to Barcelona, I can still hear the gravelly voice of a cook in a casual lunch place open to the street shouting, "Gambas a la plancha."

Shrimp on the grill, whose aroma you could smell as you walked by, were always a treat when traveling in Spain.

They were usually cooked in the shell, and you could peel them or eat everything, including the juice from head.

On Sunday night, I thawed and grilled a dozen of the Argentine Red Shrimp I bought at Fish First Inc., which runs the seafood counter inside the International Food Warehouse on Essex Street in Lodi.

I was afraid the frozen jumbo shrimp would be tough after grilling them on the stove top, but they were as tender as could be.

I sprinkled them with sea salt as they coked after marinating them in fresh lime juice, extra-virgin olive oil and minced garlic.

Next time, I'll use granulated garlic to avoid the minced fresh garlic from burning on the grill pan, which straddled two burners turned to medium-high heat.

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