Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Update: In only a few weeks, Aroma Rice Cooker proves its superiority

NEAT TRICK: The Aroma Professional Rice Cooker has a neat solution for what to do with the spatula server when your rice is cooking or the appliance is just sitting on the counter.


In a random poll, owners of the Aroma Professional Rice Cooker say it makes great rice.

Not too soft, not too hard is the way my wife describes the finished product.

When I walked into my son's college apartment last Friday, I saw an Aroma cooker sitting on the kitchen counter.

The Panasonic SR-G10G 5.5 Cup Automatic Rice Cooker ($17.91) we gave him was out of the way, on top of the cupboard.

He said he only uses the 20-cup Aroma 3000SB cooker, which belongs to one of his roommates, because it makes great rice.

I especially got a kick out of seeing the Aroma spatula server inserted into a holder on the side of the cooker, just below the cover -- a feature I didn't notice on the one we bought at Costco Wholesale for only $29.99.

We also purchased a second one to give to relatives.

Another great feature of the Aroma cooker is BPA-free cooking surfaces.


$29.99 rice cooker beats more expensive ones

FORM OVER FUNCTION: In the more expensive Panasonic SR-DF 181 Rice Cooker, the spatula server doesn't fit inside the steamer basket, above, and causes problems if you try to store it in the inner pot, below.

With the spatula server stored in the inner pot ...

... the steamer basket doesn't seat properly ...

... and the hinged cover doesn't close.

ALL WET: In the 10-cup Panasonic cooker, condensation from preparing rice accumulates inside the channel, top, and has to be blotted up before storing the cooker.

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