Friday, October 24, 2014

Where you don't have to go fishing for a healthy breakfast

Two eggs sunny side up with a fresh whiting fillet and home fries at Golden Grill Restaurant in Teaneck.


I don't eat breakfast out much, and haven't been to the Golden Grill in Teaneck for many months.

But on Friday, I had another great meal of fish and eggs there.

The breakfast menu offers alternatives to bacon, sausage and other unhealthy sides.

You can get two eggs any style with whiting, the restaurant's own fish cakes or sardines.

I chose whiting and asked the cook to grill or broil the fish, which is usually fried.

The eggs and whiting were served with the restaurant's wonderful home fries, and I told the waitress to hold the toast that comes with the breakfast ($7).

I don't go to the Golden Grill in Teaneck's West Englewood neighborhood for service or atmosphere.

Today, I got the tea with milk I ordered right away, but there was a long wait for my breakfast.

Golden Grill, 1379 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck; 201-837-1078. Free street parking.

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