Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Three days after review, Brigantine Seafood doesn't open for lunch

Brigantine Seafood Eatery & Market on Lincoln Avenue in Hawthorn was closed on Monday afternoon a little after 1, even though the hours posted on the door list lunch as starting at noon, below.

There was no answer when I called the restaurant's phone number, but the owner called me later in the day to apologize. I could see tables set with napkins, forks and knives, and wine glasses, but the place was empty and dark.


I was looking forward to a lunch of fresh seafood, served in generous portions, at Brigantine Seafood & Eatery in Hawthorne after I read a review of the place in the newspaper on Friday.

But when I drove there on Monday with my wife and brother-in-law, the restaurant was closed and it was a little after 1 in the afternoon.

I called the restaurant's phone number, and left a message.

Later in the day, the owner called to apologize, explaining he had to attend to his wholesale fish business, preventing him from opening the restaurant at noon.

What an excuse.

Back in the car, I called Goffle Road Poultry Farm in nearby Wyckoff, placed an order for fresh, naturally raised turkey parts and then drove there to pick them up.

At least our outing wasn't a total loss.

 A sign at Brigantine Seafood Eatery teases passers-by.

One of our favorite places to shop for food.


  1. Life as a small business owner balancing two businesses. Stuff like this happens. I know you don't forgive, but it was nice of him to offer the apology.

    1. Hard to believe he doesn't have a trusted employee to open the restaurant on time.

      The place has been open a couple of years, and a previous article from The Record hangs framed inside the door .


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