Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Screw you, Fairway. Whole Foods will devein my wild shrimp

Wild-caught shrimp are sometimes available at H Mart in Englewood for about the same price Costco Wholesale in Hackensack charges for previously frozen farmed shrimp from Vietnam.


We've stopped buying the previously frozen farmed shrimp from Costco Wholesale, but we're having trouble finding a steady source of affordable wild shrimp.

On a rare visit to New York-based Fairway Market in Paramus recently, I saw large, wild-caught shrimp for $17.99 a pound, but the fishmonger shook his head "no" when I asked if would devein them for me.

Removing the central vein is a tricky job and, even though I have a special serrated knife, I've often cut myself.

It's not as if the Fairway fishmonger was busy; I was the only customer at the seafood counter.

This is just another way Fairway's New York attitude sucks.

I deveined and shelled these farmed Black Tiger shrimp from Costco Wholesale in Hackensack at home -- using a special, serrated knife and sometimes cutting myself in the process. I poached them in Mexican green salsa and fresh lime juice.

The mall entrance to Whole Foods Market at Bergen Town Center in Paramus,where you will find the best seafood department in North Jersey.

Whole Foods to the rescue

People complain about the prices at Whole Foods Market in Paramus, but I usually go there to shop for sale items and I've always found the employees helpful.

At the seafood counter last week, I saw wild-caught Gulf Shrimp on ice for a little under $20 a pound.

I said to the fishmonger, I wasn't ready to buy any, but when I'm ready, would he devein them.

Sure, he said without hesitation.

So, Fairway, screw you. Go back to New York. You're not wanted or needed in North Jersey.

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  1. There you go bashing Fairway again. Did you ask if the wild caught shrimp at Whole Foods are harvested by slave labor? The Fairway in Paramus is a great store, and the Fairway in Stamford is even greater.

    1. Your definition of "great" is questionable.

  2. Use scissors for shrimp.

  3. I think you're exaggerating. That's an entry-level job at most restaurants; the dishwashers do it. And who uses knives for that anymore, anyway? I thought everyone uses a scissor.

    And who uses knives for that anymore, anyway? I thought everyone uses a scissor.

  4. There are lots of scissors for deveining shrimp available at, but buyers complain they damage the shrimp. One older man sad he tried to use them on a lobster and they broke. The deveining knife I use is curved with a serrated end, and does a beautiful job, but it is sharp and accidents do happen.

    I'm sure most restaurants buy deveined shrimp, which are also available online to the home cook for $20 or more per pound.

    Look. You can dice it and slice it anyway you want. But New York's Fairway Market sucks big time, and it's the lazy employees and arrogant owners who are the problem.


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