Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dinner at Bel Posto's Sushi World in Hackensack

The Sashimi Assortment is $28 at dinner, and big enough to be shared.

A refreshingly crunchy Seaweed Salad is $6.

By Victor E. Sasson

If you go to Sushi World for an early dinner of raw fish, you'll likely have the undivided attention of Yoshiharu Suzuki, the Japanese chef who slices and plates your selection, and serves you.

That was the case on Friday evening, when I dropped into Bel Posto Resaurant in Hackensack and walked past the busy bar to greet Suzuki, former sushi chef at Wild Ginger in Englewood and Bushido in Cliffside Park.

A small bottle of Sapporo Beer is $6.

I sat at the sushi bar and ordered a Seaweed Salad, the Sashimi Assortment and a bottle of Japanese beer.

My selection included yellowfin tuna, which has less mercury than the pricier giant bluefin tuna; yellowtail, grouper, salmon, white snapper, eel, squid, mackerel and salmon roe.

It was a wonderful meal that didn't leave me weighed down, even though there was enough food to share.

Bel Posto is flanked by high-rises in Hackensack.

Sushi World at Bel Posto Restaurant, 160 Prospect Ave., Hackensack; 201-880-8750. Valet parking. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesdays to Sundays.

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