Thursday, November 1, 2012

We're starting to empty the freezer

Sweet potatoes on a stove-top grill.

In our third day without power, we've started to cook food from our freezer.

Breakfast this morning was lobster bisque from Costco Wholesale with added langostino tails.

We also shared Denver Eggs and Whole Wheat French Toast from the hot breakfast bar at Whole Foods Market in Paramus.

On Wednesday, we drove to Palisades Park for dinner out at So Gong Dong, our favorite Korean soft-tofu restaurant.

On the way home from Whole Foods today, I saw a 2-block-long line of cars at a Shell station in Maywood, presumably drivers who didn't bother filling up before Hurricane Sandy hit on Monday.

New York Public Radio is calling the hurricane "Super Storm Sandy."


  1. Hope you get power soon Victor. I lost it Monday night and regained last night. In between, I had to hurry up and use some food out of the freezer, a 2 pound bag of shrimp, frozen pasta alfredo, frozen Tuscan vegetables, a 6 pack of burger sliders, mini croissants and a bag of pot stickers. I ended up throwing out an almost finished container of ice cream, a new container of ice cream and the 2 remaining ice cream sandwiches out of a box of 4. Also threw out a box of frozen vegetables and some vegetable fritters. All in all it helped make room in my freezer.

  2. Thanks, Chuck. That's a positive spin on a bad situation. Have yet to see a utility crew making a repair, but that tree around the corner from my place has been removed finally.


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