Sunday, November 25, 2012

H Mart parking lot repairs drag on

No exit at H Mart, the Korean supermarket in Englewood.

Editor's note: Today, I discuss changes in the local food scene.


How long does it take to repair the exit of the parking lot at H Mart in Englewood?

The pavement covering about one-quarter of the lot was torn up several weeks ago and has stayed that way, forcing customers to use the entrance as an exit or risk damaging their cars' wheels and tires.

For years, a sunken drainage grate and broken pavement made exiting the lot a challenge for customers of the Korean supermarket, even after the interior was renovated in 2011.

Today, I bought spicy stewed tofu and stewed pollock, two prepared dishes, at H Mart. 

On the way out, I caught the delicious scent of Korean yams roasting in the vestibule.

A large yam with sweet, white flesh was $1, and I took it out of the paper bag and started eating it as I drove out the entrance, surprising two customers who were about to enter the lot.

In related news, Jerry's Gourmet & More on South Dean Street in Englewood recently re-striped its parking lot to provide wider spaces, delighting customers who were taking up two spots to avoid getting dings and dents in their cars.
Casual Habana Catering

Habana Room Catering has opened on Main Street in Hackensack opposite the Johnson Public Library.

The space, near the corner of Camden Street, is available for private parties, but signs in the window don't provide a telephone number.

The phone number for Casual Habana Cafe is 201-880-9844. 

Two new additions to the casual food scene in Teaneck are Teaneck Sushi Buffet at 972 Teaneck Road and Coffeecol Arepa Bar & Grill at 1126 Teaneck Road.

I saw a large "All You Can Eat" sign on the sushi buffet storefront today, and thought that is the one reason I'll never go there.


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