Thursday, August 25, 2011

What does that sales flier say?

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Take those supermarket sales fliers with a grain of salt.

Does "USA caught" mean the seafood is wild-caught? 

Does "We source the salmon and smoke it to perfection" mean the fish was wild-caught or farmed and raised with harmful additives, including artificial color?

Those questions are raised by the latest sales flier from Fairway Market in Paramus.

On the cover, Fairway urges shoppers: "Catch spectacular savings!"

Just below that, "USA CAUGHT JUMBO WHITE SHRIMP" are offered for $7.99 a pound.

I called the fish department in Paramus and was told the shrimp are indeed wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fairway smoked salmon is $6.99 for one-quarter pound or about $28 a pound -- compared to $15 and change for a pound of smoked wild salmon from Costco Wholesale.

Fairway's smoked salmon must be farmed or the store would say otherwise. It's too bad the New York-based chain -- unlike Whole Foods Market -- doesn't tell us more about its farmed fish.

The Fairway sale on wild-caught shrimp is a much better deal than the smoked salmon -- about $2 a pound under what Costco charges for farmed shrimp from Vietnam.

But Fairway's sale on conventionally raised whole beef filet mignon at $6.99 a pound is at least $2 over ShopRite's sales price for free-range, grass-fed filet mignon from Australia.

Unfortunately, Fairway also has a sale on mercury laden swordfish steaks caught off Montauk, L.I., at $9.99 a pound

Fairway's sale starts Friday and runs until Sept. 1, but the shrimp and filet mignon are discounted through Sept. 5.

The flier is available online at The store is in the Fashion Center Mall.

Food warehouse

The sale at the International Food Wine and Liquor Warehouse runs through Sept. 6.

The Lodi store is offering two 16.9-ounce bottles of organic extra-virgin olive oil from Chile for $4. That works out to $4 a liter, an excellent price for organic olive oil.

The store is at 370 Essex St. You can submit your e-mail address to receive coupons and special offers at

Corrado's Family Affair

Corrado's in Clifton, Wayne and Fairfield is offering whole watermelons at 19 cents a pound. The sale starts today and runs through Sept. 21.

Web site:

Greek yogurt

On Aug. 10, I bought two 32-ounce containers of thick, creamy non-fat Greek-yogurt at Costco in Hackensack for $6.49, or about $3.25 each, compared to $4.99 for a 32-ounce container at Trader Joe's.

When I returned to Costco for more on Wednesday, the price was two containers for $6.99 -- about $3.50 each.

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  1. The sales flier for Fairway Market, Paramus, for Sept. 9-15, 2011, offers wild Alaskan salmon fillet for $8.99 a pound, but doesn't tell you if it's fresh; sockeye, coho or another type; and where it is from.

    For most of the summer, Costco in Hackensack has been selling fresh sockeye salmon fillet from the U.S. and Canada for $7.99 or $8.99 a pound.

  2. The Aug. 25-Sept. 21, 2011, sales flier for Corrado's offers wild-caught Alaskan coho salmon fillets for $8.99 a pound.

    The flier says, "Fresh from the sea."

    I was under the impression most wild salmon was caught in rivers, where they return to spawn.


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