Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free-range, grass-fed steaks go on sale

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Boneless beef rib-eye steaks and boneless shell steaks from Australia are on sale today through Aug. 20 at ShopRite supermarkets north of Trenton.

This beef is sold under the Nature's Reserve label. It is free range and grass fed. The price is $3.99 a pound with a store card.

Grass-fed beef is not as fatty as beef raised conventionally, usually on grain. It also cooks faster and tastes best when cooked rare to medium rare.

Third Gammeeok

A new branch of Gammeeok, a Korean restaurant known for its unusual kimchi service, has opened on the second floor of a building at 110 Broad Ave. in Palisades Park (201-945-6300).

The first Gammeeok in North Jersey opened at 485 Main St. in Fort Lee (201-242-1333). The original is in Manhattan. The name is pronounced GAM-yo.

At the stylish Fort Lee restaurant, kimchi is brought to the table in what looks like a vase, and the long pieces of cabbage coated with red pepper are cut and served to customers.

The new Gammeeok offers an $11.95 lunch special of soup, fish, rice and side dishes, which I saw displayed on a table near the entrance. The space is smaller than in Fort Lee, but beautifully renovated with heavy beams of wood.

A popular dish in Fort Lee is bibimbap -- a combination of rice, vegetables and ground beef topped with a raw egg, all served in a hot stone bowl.

You add hot sauce to this comfort food and mix up the ingredients with a spoon before eating it. You can ask the restaurant to hold the beef and cook the egg.

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