Thursday, April 22, 2010

More shopping notes

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I stopped at Costco in Hackensack to buy Earthbound Farms organic salad mix today ($4.49 for one pound), and was impressed by all the fresh, wild-caught fish fillets available.

There was wild ahi tuna from Micronesia, haddock from Canada, Pacific cod from the U.S. and flounder (from I'm not sure where). I bought the cod for $5.99 a pound, and we'll fry it up for dinner. Leftovers will make quick fish tacos.

'Cheap' wine

One of the comments I received on the ridiculous mail-in rebate for Turning Leaf wine (see Wednesday's post) claims it "served me right" for buying cheap wine. Of course, the comment was anonymous, and I rejected it.

If this person wants to spend $50 or more on a bottle of wine from a first-growth chateau in France, be my guest. But please stay out of my business.

I've purchased hundreds of bottles of wine for $5 to $10 that have been perfectly drinkable, and I'll continue to do so. Today, next to Costco, I bought a bottle of California cabernet sauvignon for $4.49, and I'm looking forward to drinking it. (Photo: Cabernet grapes.)

I'll be sure to toast the commentator's ignorance.
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  1. Here is an e-mail from a friend:


    I agree with you regarding the price of wine. I feel very strongly that by being open to new, inexpensive wines, one can find some exceptional wine values. I recently discovered a Las Lenas Torrontes at Stu Leonards for $6.99. This white is really special. I went back and bought 5 more bottles.


  2. Wine snobs always were annoying. I am starting to notice a lot of beer snobs these days too.

  3. Please try Bogle merlot or cab its averages around 8-10 bucks and last week apparently costco had it on sale for 7.99... it goes well with spicy foods..

    Another suggestion is Red Diamond brands there merlot is around 10 bucks but its an exquisite washington state wine.

    And finally if you ever stop at Bottle King they have a wine called wrongo dongo wine its sometimes sells for $7 and it pairs very well with the spicy wings from Hooters...


  4. I agree. What is it all about? I'm puzzled.

  5. My last comment was in response to Shakuey201. And to Anonymous, if you like spicy wings without T&A, try one of the Korean places such as Chicken & Beer on Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park. Service could be better, but "wings of fire" can't be beat.

  6. Why am I getting heartburn reading this?


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