Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fishing for dinner at Costco

Sockeye salmonImage via Wikipedia

Most of the money I spent at Costco in Hackensack on Thursday was for seafood.

Wild haddock fillets made a great dinner cooked in Mexican green salsa, spooned over steamed yellow rice and served with a salad.

 For breakfast and lunch sandwiches, I got a pound of smoked and sliced wild sockeye salmon from Alasaka  (photo) at $14.79. I refer to this as wild lox.

From the Seafood Road Show, I finally broke down and bought four pounds of frozen Black Tiger shrimp from Vietnam. These big shrimp, which are deveined, come 13 to 15 to the pound at $8.60 or so per pound. I haven't bought them before because they are farmed and that method of raising them has led to habitat destruction.

Unfortunately, Costco, unlike Whole Foods Market, provides little information about the farmed shrimp or fish it sells (beyond saying farmed salmon is artificially colored). Whole Foods says all of the farmed seafood it sells is drug-, hormone- and preservative-free.
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  1. Man I love Costco salmon. Yummy. Farmed and wild-caught...all good.

  2. I just came across this blog as I was searching for drug and hormone info in Costco salmon. Seems to me that if Costco's salmon were drug-free, they would advertise it as such. P.S. I'm your newest follower! :)

  3. Thanks for joining my followers. When the wild salmon is available at Costco, I buy some just about every week.


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