Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fire sale on free-range beef

I rushed out at 8 this morning, without a shower or breakfast, to the ShopRite in Rochelle Park for the sale on free-range, grass-fed beef from Australia for only $2.99 a pound with a Price Plus Card or $4.99 a pound without. This beef is raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and sold under the Nature's Reserve label.

This actually was a fire sale on surf and turf, because live lobsters were going for $4.99 a pound with the Price Plus Card. I picked up three for dinner tonight, all just under 2 pounds each. Sale prices are good until June 20.

The whole beef tenderloin I bought weighs 4.57 pounds and is irregularly shaped, so I'll be able to get some filet mignon steaks from the thick end. I'll cut the rest as thin as possible, place the meat in freezer bags with Korean bulgogi marinade and use it over the next few months to prepare a barbecue meal at home, wrapping the cooked meat in red-leaf lettuce leaves and serving it with rice, kimchi, sliced garlic and an egg souffle.


  1. How was the beef? I had a package in mind hand but it was very bloodly and loosely wrapped, so I passed.

  2. The beef tastes fine, although I agree the blood can be a turn-off. There is also a lot of trimming to do, but now I have a bunch of small steaks and Korean-marinated beef in my freezer, ready whenever we want it.

  3. How do you know Nature's Preserve is hormone free?

  4. It's Nature's Reserve.

    It's advertised as free range, grass fed and all natural. That means no antibiotics or hormones.

  5. Here's the trademark registration for Nature's Reserve beef:

  6. Shoprite will cut the roast into steaks for you. I usually ask for them to be cut into 1 1/2 inch steaks... The train I ask them to cut into cubes. This saves you alot of time and keeps you away from the turnoff of the blood.... Just pick out a package bring it up to the butchers window. They are surprisingly helpful.


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