Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update: Coffee with free parking in Manhattan

A mug of strong coffee is only $1.50 before 11 a.m. at the Market Diner in Manhattan.

A breakfast bowl of minestrone.

The Market Diner on 11th Avenue and 43rd Street is probably the only Greek diner in Manhattan with free parking.

A mug of strong black coffee costs $1.50, with at least one free refill. The brew is made from beans roasted in Brooklyn.

Before 10 a.m. today, I was able to order a large bowl of minestrone soup with far more vegetables than elbow macaroni ($4.25).

The diner also serves wine and beer.

The entrance to the parking lot, which accommodates six vehicles, is on 43rd Street. The diner is open 24 hours.

The lot was closed on Tuesday, when a TV production crew for "Elementary" was using the diner.

The 11th Avenue view from the Market Diner.


The day after I posted this, I returned for another bowl of soup, this time a thick, vegetarian split-pea soup ($4.25), and another cup of coffee.

When the check came, I saw I was charged $2 for the mug of coffee and refill, and asked about it at the register.

The woman said coffee is $1.50 before 11 a.m. and $2 after.  

I also received a comment that a McDonald's at 34th Street and 10th Avenue in Manhattan is open 24 hours and also has free parking.

Of course, you can't compare the quality of the food to the diner. 


  1. On 34th St. and 10th there's a Mickie Dee's open 24 hours with free parking. Useful place to go esp. early in the morning or late at night before heading to work or back home.

  2. What is the name of the parking lot opposite the Javits center on 11 th Ave ?


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