Saturday, March 2, 2013

Filling side dish goes with anything

Wild-caught Canadian flounder fillet from Costco Wholesale takes only 5 minutes to cook in bottled Mexican green salsa with organic diced tomatoes once the sauce is bubbling. Here it is served over organic quinoa made in an electric cooker.

Two organic eggs with shredded cheese and Aleppo pepper over quinoa. The yolks taste great when you break them and eat them with the whole grain from Bolivia.
I made the quinoa with a can of diced organic tomatoes to add moisture, but I often drizzle extra-virgin olive oil on the side dish and whatever I'm eating with it, such as this frittata with pesto, tomato slices and sun-dried tomatoes.

I made another pesto-tomato frittata this morning and ate it with the last of the quinoa, which I prepared on Feb. 26. I reheat the quinoa in a microwave for about 2 minutes.

I start the frittata on the stove and finish it under the broiler on a low setting to brown the top and avoid burning the sun-dried tomatoes. I used 2 organic eggs, liquid egg whites, shredded cheese and low-fat milk, a total of about 2 cups.

Breakfast sides included tomato wedges with za'atar thyme mixture and kimchi.

The quinoa I bought from Costco Wholesale in Hackensack has a long name, but couldn't be simpler to prepare.

A serving of Organic Nature's Earthly Choice Premium 100% Whole Grain Quinoa has fewer carbohydrates than white or brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.

Quinoa, a good source of protein, is gluten- and wheat-free.

Especially at breakfast, the quinoa is a great substitute for the bread I no longer eat.

In an electric rice cooker, I combined 2 cups of quinoa, 4 cups of chicken broth or water, one can of organic diced tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, and plugged it in.

That lasted me about four days.

The package has two recipes: Mediterranean Quinoa Pilaf and Quinoa Summer Salad, but I haven't tried them.

Qunioa is pronounced KEEN-wah.

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