Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two sauces, same ingredients

Two bottles of Fairway Market pasta sauce.

When Fairway Market's own pasta sauce was $2.99 or less for a 32-ounce bottle, it was the only brand in my cupboard.

But the price has risen to $4 or more, and I'm likely to buy 32-ounce bottles of Kirkland Signature Marinara sauce at Costco Wholesale.

I prefer a 32-ounce bottle when preparing a full pound of pasta. Most other pasta sauces come in smaller bottles at higher prices.

Two bottles of sauce I bought on sale at the Fairway in Paramus are shown in the photo. 

The ingredients listed are identical. But one is labeled "Marinara" and the other label says "Spaghetti." Go figure.

All bottled pasta sauces can be improved by adding a can of anchovies with their oil, red-pepper flakes, dried Italian herbs and a few ounces of extra-virgin olive oil.

This organic black tea is available for about 4 cents a bag.

I bought Newman's Own Royal Tea, an organic black tea, at ShopRite, but the supermarket chain stopped carrying the item several years ago.

Now, I get it from under the Subscribe & Save program, which ships me 6 100-bag boxes every 6 months.

Last month, I got 6 boxes for $23.15, including shipping, or about 4 cents a cup.

If you like strong tea, as I do, you can leave the bag in the cup until you're finished and the brew will never turn bitter.

A box of this tea also makes a great food gift.

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