Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I was caught in ShopRite 'hell'

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It started out innocently enough as a trip to the closest ShopRite to recycle a half-dozen plastic grocery bags bulging with more plastic bags and all manner of plastic food wrapping.

At the Paramus ShopRite, the bins for recycled bags are inside the store, and I should have deposited my bags, turned around and gone home.

Instead, in the spirit of conserving gasoline, I figured I'd pick up some celery for a canned-fish salad I wanted to make and a half-gallon of ShopRite Lactose-Free Milk.

The store wasn't that busy around 9:45 in the morning on Tuesday, and there was no waiting at the first Express Lane.

The store brand of lactose-free milk is usually $3.39 and sometimes $2.99 when it goes on sale. 

The 2% milk was $3.39 at the Paramus store, but the 1% variety was $3.29 or 10 cents off. And since I usually use 1% milk, that was the one I chose.

However, at the register, it rang up at $3.39, and I told the clerk the sign said it was reduced to $3.29. 

He hit a switch and the light designating his register as No. 1 started to flash, and we waited for a supervisor to come over.

It was only 5 t0 7 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. At one point, I asked the clerk, "Are we supposed to just wait?" He said yes.

Finally, a supervisor came over, took the milk and headed for the back of the store. She returned a few minutes later and told the clerk to re-ring the item.

I heard no apology for failing to update the store's computer to match the shelf price. The supervisor didn't even speak to me. 

I asked the clerk what happened, and he said I was now being charged $3.29.

It certainly wasn't the 10 cents I was after.  

But this is "the attitude" I've encountered at other ShopRites when I've asked the store to live up to its fliers and shelf-price signs.
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  1. SR in Paramus doesn't exactly hire the friendliest people. Rochelle Park SR is a little better.

  2. Did it ever occur to you, Victor, and I've suggested this before, that ShopRite ought to put a bell around your neck or some kind GPS on your vehicle that alerts them when you're within ten miles, ding ding ding ding, so that the customer service people can go into combat mode when you enter the store. ShopRite has some of the best customer service in New Jersey, but I suspect they recognized you and said "Oh no, it's that nasty blogger Victor again, hide the rain checks" and that's why they ignored you. There are people who are concerned with that ten cents. But the price of milk, which often changes from day to day, seems to me an honest mistake, and you immediately copped the attitude that they were trying to rip you off. I think you only go to ShopRite for the sole purpose of nagging the customer service people. I had great respect for the ShopRite on River Street after the Record laid me off.

  3. I like the Paramus least of all the ShopRites around here.


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