Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food that's good for you and the Earth

Fort Lee, New Jersey
Fort Lee is known for high-rises and Asian restaurants, but a real find is Tast.

Tast in Fort Lee -- formerly Tasteatery -- is one of the few places in North Jersey that takes pains to serve naturally raised or grown food.

Today, Tast announced a new menu at the same location on Anderson Avenue, near Cafasso's Fairway Market.

I last visited the restaurant in January 2010 for a delicious grass-fed burger -- about a month before I stopped eating meat.

Tasteatery wasn't fancy. You ordered at the counter, and the food was prepared and brought to your table in a small dining area.

Of course, much of the effort went into finding pure ingredients for meals, and that hasn't changed. 

And burgers are just one of the selections on a large menu with many meatless options.

You can read all about Tast in the "About Us" section of its Web site, as well as find contact information:

The restaurant renders its name this way: tast, with a lower case "t" and an accent over the "a" that is not available in my Blogger fonts.

In fact, a food blogger is at a distinct disadvantage, because there are no accent marks available for words that use them.
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