Thursday, January 26, 2012

A tale of two Korean pears

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A friend greeted me at the gym this morning with a complaint: 

Although I said in Monday's report that shoppers can save 20 cents by buying Korean pears at Costco Wholesale instead of at H Mart, I didn't mention the weight of the respective packages.

Did a trio of the large pears from the Korean supermarket weigh more, thus wiping out the price difference? I said pears from the two stores looked to be about the same size.

I was wrong. The lower-cost package of three pears from the Hackensack Costco actually weighs more than the package from H Mart, which is about 2 miles away in Little Ferry, so the former is an even better buy than I thought.

At Costco, Jumbo Shingo Pears from Happy Valley Farms weighed a total of 3 pounds and cost $6.79 or 14.1 cents an ounce. 

I had to fish the H Mart container out of our outdoor recycling can. The package of three "Sweet and Crispy" pears weighed 2.7 pounds and cost $6.99 or 16.2 cents an ounce (not 15.8 cents an ounce, as I wrote earlier).

The pears from Korea come in form-fitting, clear plastic containers, and each pear is wrapped in a padded plastic net. They are also available in boxes that hold up to 10 pears.

They are called pears, but they are apple-shaped.

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