Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Many food claims don't hold water

Tropicana Products
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If you want pure juice, don't buy Trop50.

Have you seen the TV ad for Trop50, which Tropicana calls "fabulously refreshing with 50% less sugar and calories"?

How do they do that, I wondered as I watched the ad from the maker of 100% pure orange juice on Monday night.

I found out when I looked at Trop50 labels at the Hackensack ShopRite this morning.

It is only 10% to 43% juice, depending on the variety (not 30% as I wrote earlier ). It is labeled a "fruit-juice beverage" and sweetened by PureVia -- called an all-natural plant extract.

McDonald's beef

Another TV ad from McDonald's seems to suggest the fast-food giant is using naturally raised beef in its hamburgers.

The ad shows a rancher, who says he supplies McDonald's, in a field where cattle are grazing -- what you'd see if the animals are grass fed 
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and free range.

But the ad tells you nothing about whether the cattle are raised on antibiotics and growth hormones, and whether they spend most of their lives eating grain in the confines of a feed lot with hundreds of other animals.

Shrinking boxes

I've been buying mostly 100% whole wheat pasta, but many brands come in a box that is less than a full pound.

ShopRite, Barilla and other brands offer whole wheat or whole grain pasta in boxes that are about 13 to 14 ounces. Dreamfields Pasta boxes also hold less than 16 ounces.

Even on sale, they are not a good buy.

Last week, Jerry's Gourmet in Englewood had 100% whole wheat capellini from Italy in a 16-ounce package for $1.49. Trader Joe's sells a 16-ounce package of organic 100% whole wheat spaghetti for $1.39.

Coupon madness

The ShopRite in Hackensack today refused to honor a Progresso Soup Super Coupon from its sales flier that said "10 for $10.88" unless I bought the full number of cans.

Nowhere on the flier or coupon does it say "Must Buy 10" to get the price of about $1.09 per can compared to the Can Can Sale price of $1.25.

I left a message at Bergen County Weights and Measures in Hackensack.

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  1. Crybaby. It says 10 for $10.88, not one for $1.08.

  2. Stores that make up the rules as they go along love morons like you.

  3. Nobody forces you to shop there.

  4. And nobody forces you to read this blog, so why don't you stop sending in inane comments.


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