Friday, January 27, 2012

How one diner penalizes dieters

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If you want extra spinach in your omelet, The Ridge Diner will charge you 50 cents more.

At The Ridge Diner, the Greek Omelet with potatoes and toast is $7.95. 

But if you're on a diet and trying to limit your intake of whole eggs, you'll pay 75 cents more for egg whites. If you want more healthy spinach in the omelet, that will be an extra 50 cents.

If you ask the waitress to hold the potatoes and toast, as I did, nothing will be deducted, so you might as well ask for them to go.

I paid $9.20 for that omelet on Thursday, plus another $1.45 for coffee. If there was extra spinach, I couldn't tell.

So, if you're on a diet, The Ridge Diner may not be for you. 

The restaurant was packed around 1 on Thursday afternoon and I had to wait for a parking space and then a table.

The Ridge Diner, 125 Kinderkamack Road, Park Ridge;
201-391-4242. Small parking lot.

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  1. You do realize that using just egg whites for an omelette makes the material cost more expensive right? They are just trying to make it in this tough economy, not penalize dieters. And the same goes for asking for extra spinach, spinach is expensive and adding more raises the material cost. However, I an see you being upset that they wouldn't offer a discount for asking them to hold the toast and potatoes but the rest of your complaints are ridiculousness, they are business and they need to make money.

  2. OK, thanks for your comment.

    I guess I hope diners and restaurants would encourage healthy choices without penalizing the customer.

  3. Sorry, perhaps I came off a bit rash, I can understand why it might seem like it is penalizing, I often find myself in the same predicament. Where most restaurants offer healthy choices for an inflated price. However the sad truth about all this is that the unhealthy food is significantly cheaper in many cases than the healthy alternative.

    Anyways, came back to say I really do love your blog, keep up the good posts!

  4. Thanks. I'm in San Francisco, and my first meal off the plane was a Greek omelet at a place in Burlingame. There was no extra charge for egg whites, and the omelet had more spinach than the one that cost extra in New Jersey. The price also was about the same.


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