Friday, July 1, 2011

Perdue Farms can't shed scarlet letter

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It takes a tough consumer to see through Perdue's claims.

Perdue Farms has a new TV ad campaign that tries to convince consumers its chickens are "better," but the spots are silent on its use of antibiotics to make them grow quickly and keep them healthy in crowded conditions.

I saw one of the ads this morning on the TV mounted on my exercise bicycle at the gym, and antibiotics were never mentioned. 

They earn Perdue the scarlet letter "A."

I once saw a PBS documentary that showed a chicken growing so big on antibiotics, it could not stand and constantly fell over in a crowded chicken house.

The ads claim Perdue gives its chicken an all-vegetarian feed, with no added animal by-products, and never administers "steroids or hormones."

But the government bars the use of steroids and hormones, so that claim is meaningless.

Here is a story in the Huffington Post on the new campaign.

Perdue tries to improve perception of chicken

Most supermarkets, including ShopRite and Stop & Shop, carry fresh chicken raised without antibiotics.

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  1. When you gonna stop hatin' on Perdue chicken? All this criticism just because the head chickenmonger's name is Frank. Don't you know that without antibiotics, chicken soup would lose its medicinal value. People would stop buying books called "Chicken Soup for the Soul" because it would stop making them feel better. Publishing companies would lose money. Merck stock would plummet. 401(k)s would go in the tank. Besides, a dish like Chicken Amoxicillin is better than buying chickens that faced the threat of getting beat up by Mike Tyson if they didn't produce 50 percent more breast meat.

  2. I think Frank Perdue is retired or dead.

  3. Uh oh. I hope he didn't overdose on antibiotics.


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