Saturday, July 9, 2011

Organic beef liver is a revelation

MusselsImage by itspaulkelly via Flickr
The mussels from Whole Foods are ready to throw in the pot.

My wife called me on Friday from Whole Foods Market in Paramus, where she saw beef liver for $4.99 a pound, and asked if that was too much to pay.

I didn't think so, because all the meat and poultry sold at Whole Foods are raised without antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts.

She usually buys conventionally raised beef liver at ShopRite, and it invariably dries out during cooking. You can imagine how that tastes.

She prepared the Whole Foods beef liver for dinner Friday night, and she's still talking about how good it was. She had the leftovers for lunch today.

Looking at the receipt, I now see it was organic beef liver.

She also picked up 2 pounds of mussels from Canada for my dinner ($5.99).

I heated up a few ounces of cheap sake in a pot, and added the mussels and a chopped beefsteak tomato, as well as a little salt and garlic powder. 

I covered the pot and after about 15 minutes, the mussels opened and were ready to eat. 

I ate them with blanched and sauteed Jersey Fresh collard and mustard greens I had picked up at the International Food Wine & Liquor Warehouse in Lodi for 99 cents a pound and 69 cents a pound, respectively.

I also bought two half-liter bottles of Capitolio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile at $2.99 each, and five cans of Tan Tan Moroccan sardines in spicy oil at 99 cents each.

Whole Foods Market, 300 Bergen Town Center, 
Parmaus; 201-226-1244.

International Food Wine & Liquor Warehouse, 
370 Essex St., Lodi; 201-368-9511. Sale ends July 19.

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