Monday, October 25, 2010

64-ounce half-gallon is alive and well

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When I ran out of Tropicana orange juice, I bought what I thought was a half-gallon of the stuff at a Super Stop & Shop in Hackensack. Not so super was the size -- 59 ounces instead of 64 ounces -- even though it was on sale at two for $6.

Today, I went to Costco in Hackensack, where I usually buy Tropicana, and got a box of four half-gallons, and, yes, they're 64 ounces each. The cost: $2.75 apiece.

I returned a half-empty, one-pound tub of Earthbound Farm organic spring mix -- a delicious, restaurant-quality salad mix that, unfortunately, is prone to rotting before its use-by date, got a $4.49 credit on my credit card and bought another one. The rotting problem could be from improper storage.

I e-mailed Earthbound Farm recently when another pound of spring mix rotted prematurely, and got a form letter and a $10 Costco cash card in the mail.
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  1. It seems a little incongruous to me that Stop & Shop would be selling 59-ounce half gallons of the same Tropicana juice that Costco sells in 62-ounce cartons. Trop has several variations on its orange juice. Is it possible the 59-ounce container was the calcium-enriched variety, or the omega 3-enriched juice?

  2. It's 64 ounces at Costco, not 62 ounces. It's a "special pack" -- four half-gallons in a box -- apparently made just for Costco and possibly others.

    Both were the straight OJ without pulp.

  3. Today, I got a call from Earthbound Farm in California. I was told the organic spring mix is handled by more than one transporter on the way East, and it may not be Costco's fault on how it is stored and premature rotting.

  4. Oops. I meant 64 ounces. I guess Costco has a bit of clout with Tropicana. As for the spring mix, I don't suppose you asked the Earthbound person if he/she ever saw "East of Eden." Remember the scene where the trainload of lettuce gets stuck in the midwest?


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