Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Layers of flavor for breakfast

McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwichImage via Wikipedia

How much can you cram into your breakfast sandwich?

This morning, I started with two toasted slices of 100 percent whole grain bread, spread hummus on one and added organic salad greens, a small egg-white omelet with Aleppo pepper, a slice of muenster cheese, smoked wild sockeye salmon and Dijon mustard.

If  I had pesto, it would be at home in this sandwich. I ate a Campari tomato with za'atar thyme mixture on the side, along with kimchi, but tomato slices with za'atar would work, too. I'll try that tomorrow. Everything in my sandwich -- except Aleppo pepper and za'atar -- can be found at Costco. Fattal's Syrian Bakery in Paterson stocks the pepper and thyme mixture.

My eating habits have come a long way since the 1980s, when I'd eat an Egg McMuffin (photo) for breakfast, drink coffee and finish with a cigarette.
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  1. I still have an egg mcmuffin once in a while, but I do wish McDonald's would toast the darn muffin once in a while and maybe melt the cheese a little. Glad to see you quit smoking, although that must have been quite some time ago. And their senior coffee can't be beat. I like to say to the young counter people, "I hope it hasn't been sitting around for 60 years like I have," and usually they look at me like "Huh?"

  2. I personally am a sucker for an old fashioned American breakfast. I used to hate the olives, Syrian cheese, bread and jam when I was a kid and wish my family would make a Western omelette and pancakes.

  3. I love pancakes and we have a couple of mixes in the cupboard. And I usually order omelets when eating breakfast out. In fact, eggs are my go-to breakfast when I'm not sure about the local cuisine or sanitation in my travels.


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