Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Organic ground beef re-appears at Costco

I usally peer into the long, refrigerated case at Costco in search of beef without antibiotics or growth hormones, but rarely find any. Last year, I bought three pounds or organic ground beef there, but when I went back a month or so later, it had been discontinued. Well, I found it again today for $12.99 or $4.33 a pound.

The label has more information about this beef than the local newspaper managed in thousands of words when heralding the hamburgers at Bobby Flay's new restaurant in Paramus (see earlier post, "Hear the sizzle, smell the hype").

The organic beef I bought at Costco has 15% fat content and comes from the U.S., Canada and Australia, where the cattle is pasture-raised; it was processed in the U.S. The label also says it has no antibiotics or growth hormones.

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