Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kudos for Stop & Shop

I stopped at the Super Stop & Shop in Teaneck the other day in search of drug-free chicken, but found so much more. The supermarket carries Nature's Promise, a line of organic and naturally raised food that I found throughout the store.

Besides chicken without antibiotics, there was drug-free pork and beef without growth hormones. The pork chops were $4.99 a pound with the store card. A pound of organic spring mix was priced at $6.99. I found many other products under the Nature's Promise label, including uncured beef hot dogs and organic lemon- and lime-ade.

ShopRite carries drug-free beef and lamb from Australia on occasion, but I haven't found anything but conventional pork there. It doesn't have a line of organic and naturally raised food similar to Stop & Shop's. It's good to know I have a local source of pure pork and beef in Stop & Shop.

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