Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fort Lee welcomes more Asian restaurants and the return of dim sum

The only thing missing during dim-sum service at Aquarius Seafood Restaurant in Fort Lee are servers calling out the Cantonese names of the dumplings and other delights they are hawking.


I enjoyed dim sum lunches at Silver Pond for close to 15 years before the Chinese seafood restaurant ended a 25-year run on Main Street in Fort Lee.

Now, the owners of Aquarius Seafood Restaurant have completely renovated the space and brought back a dim sum menu with nearly 50 items priced from $2.95 (Small) to $9.25 (XX Large).

The servers at Aquarius roll carts around the dining room, trying to entice customers to take as many steamer baskets or plates as possible, and it's easy to order too much.

Each basket or plate usually holds three or four items.

At lunch this week, I loved the pan-fried chive cakes, shrimp rice roll, and a trio of green dumplings stuffed with spinach and a little shrimp.

When the dining room is full, the noise level is annoying high.

Aquarius also has a large Cantonese-style menu, including live fish, which Silver Pond also offered.

After Silver Pond closed, the dim sum void was filled in 2015 with the opening of Lan Garden, another Chinese seafood restaurant, at 88 Route 4 west in Ridgefield.

Lan Garden serves dim sum all day and into the night. At Aquarius, dim sum can be ordered until 3 p.m.

Spinach and Shrimp Dumplings ($4.25).

Shrimp Rice Rolls ($4.25).

Pan-fried Chive Cakes ($3.50).

Aquarius Seafood Restaurant offered a lunch special of Emperor Abalone for $55 on Monday.


Aquarius Seafood Restaurant, 230-34 Main St., Fort Lee; 201-592-8338. Open 7 days. Serves liquor. Metered parking on street or in large municipal lot.

Other new restaurants on Main Street in Fort Lee include T-Swirl Crepe, above and below.

Picnic is a Korean-owned sushi restaurant.

Yea Jip, which offers traditional Korean cuisine, is next door to Picnic, but isn't open for business yet.

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