Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wondee's -- Bergen County's best Thai restaurant -- gets a new floor

Wondee's Fine Thai Food and Noodles on Main Street in Hackensack.

Editor's note: What I thought was a technical problem with my smart-phone camera, which was producing gauzy photos, turned out to be a dirty lens. But I am still have periodic trouble uploading images to my computer via Google+.


I chuckle when I see an article or review of a new Thai restaurant in Bergen County, and just turn the page.

Chef Wandee Suwangbutra remains at the top of her game in the kitchen of Wondee's, which she and husband Tom opened in 1997 on Main Street in Hackensack.

But in recent years, the rented space fell into disrepair, especially the dark-blue dining room carpet.

Tonight, when I walked in the back door off of the parking lot, I immediately saw that a new dark-wood floor had finally replaced the dirty, worn and torn carpet, which was patched with tape in places.

Our server said the new floor was installed about two weeks ago.

Wondee's has a full menu of fresh whole fish, seafood, pork, chicken, beef, noodles and soups, and spiciness can be varied.

But don't make the mistake of asking Wandee to prepare your food "Extremely Spicy."

The new wood floor at Wondee's Fine Thai Food and Noodles in Hackensack.
An appetizer of Tofu Tod, deep-fried tofu served with a sweet chili sauce and ground peanuts ($7).

A new item, Shrimp Spring Rolls, were beautifully fried ($5.50). I also had a small bowl of Thome Yum Koong, a spicy shrimp-and-mushroom soup flavored with lemon juice, chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, galanga and lemon grass ($4).

A vegetarian selection is Yum Rod Pedt, a salad of crispy tofu served with shredded carrot, onion, orange and apple in lime juice and a mildly spicy chili paste ($10).


Wondee's Fine Thai Food and Noodles, 296 Main Street, Hackensack; 201-883-1700. Open for lunch and dinner, closed Mondays.

BYO, free parking in rear off of Camden Street. Take-out, but no delivery. No American Express cards.

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