Friday, May 15, 2015

At BCD Tofu House in Fort Lee, fewer customers means less service

When you order organic soft-tofu stew or another entree at BCD Tofu House in Fort Lee, free side dishes include terrific kimchi, center, and a small battered and fried yellow croaker. Want another fish? That's $1 extra, but the other side dishes or panchan are replaced for free.


I've eaten at the popular BCD Tofu House in Fort Lee when it was packed and we had to wait for a table, and when it wasn't and we were seated immediately.

Strangely, we got better service at lunch time in January, when we had to wait, then on Tuesday afternoon, when many of the tables in the popular Korean restaurant were empty.

We were seated immediately at a table near the doors to the kitchen.

We placed our order for Pork Soondubu or soft-tofu stew and Oyster Soondubu ($12.99 each), as well as a small order of Steamed Dumplings ($6.99).

I asked for brown rice instead of the traditional white rice.

That's where the problems began.

I got my brown rice, but the male server forgot to bring my son his white rice, and we had to remind him. 

Later, when I asked for another brown rice, the server went into the kitchen, but I never got the second portion.

Usually, at a Korean restaurant, the complimentary side dishes will be replaced as soon as you finish them. 

This time, our male server asked us which seconds we wanted, instead of replacing all of the empty dishes.

Organic and non-GMO

These minor service glitches didn't distract us from the high quality of the delicious Korean soft-tofu stew, which is made with 100% organic tofu.

Of course, organic tofu is your guarantee the soy beans that went into it weren't genetically modified.

We asked for our stews to be made "spicy." You can also specify "danger."

A fresh egg is provided to crack into the bubbling broth of your soft-tofu stew.

If you ask, BCD Tofu House will serve you brown rice instead of white. Both come in a metal bowl with a cover.

Shredded radish in a sweet dressing, left; spicy raw squid, top; and seaweed are among the side dishes that came with our meal.


BCD Tofu House, 1640 Schlosser St. (take driveway into shopping center), Fort Lee; 201-944-2340.

Open 7 days 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Alcohol available. Free parking. No reservations taken.

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