Friday, March 14, 2014

Cooking with a fistful of peeled California garlic

A pound of organic baby spinach, a couple of fistfuls of peeled Christopher Ranch California Garlic, avocado and sesame oils and a few drops of soy sauce made a great side dish for spice-covered haddock fillets, below.

The leftover organic brown rice I served with the spinach and fish also was prepared with a couple of fistfuls of chopped peeled garlic that went into the electric cooker with organic diced tomatoes, water and uncooked rice. Spinach, fish, garlic and avocado oil were from Costco Wholesale.


Costco Wholesale's 3-pound bag of peeled Christopher Ranch California Garlic encourages you to use a free hand with the pungent flavoring in home-cooked dishes.

Just don't make the mistake I did of chopping up a handful of raw cloves and mixing them into a salad made from canned tuna, pink salmon and sardines.

Cooking mellows the Monviso heirloom variety of garlic from California, and I've been adding it to sauteed baby spinach, bottled pasta sauce, organic brown rice and the egg mixture that goes into a frittata.

A 3-pound bag of the refrigerated garlic was $5.99 at my Hackensack warehouse store. 

I squeezed lime juice over Icelandic haddock fillets ($8.99 a pound at Costco), breaded them in a Super Spice Mixture I keep in a tub in the refrigerator and baked them at 375 degrees for about 14 minutes.

The baby spinach with garlic re-appeared at breakfast the next day with an organic brown egg, store-bought tofu, a leftover wedge of yam-and-pesto frittata, and brown rice with garlic.

I chopped up a couple of fistfuls of peeled garlic and threw them into bottled pasta sauce with sardines I heated up while 1 pound of Whole Foods Market Organic Whole Wheat Linguine cooked. When making organic whole wheat shells with pesto, I've thrown chopped garlic into the pasta water. Whole Foods Market organic whole wheat pasta from Italy cooks up al dente in less time than listed on the package.

Nothing could be more convenient for garlic lovers than a big bag of peeled California garlic at a reasonable price. 

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