Thursday, February 21, 2013

'Fresh corn' in February's bitter cold?

I didn't expect to find "fresh corn" when I made a rare visit to the International Food, Wine & Liquor Warehouse in Lodi this afternoon. I did purchase 12 cans of California Garden Moroccan Sardines for 99 cents a can, below, saving me a trip to South Paterson.

Editor's note: Today, I report on sale items at the International Food, Wine & Liquor Warehouse in Lodi, and at Starbucks coffee shops.

Every visit to the International Food, Wine & Liquor Warehouse in Lodi turns up fewer bargains.

Today, I purchased Isle of Cyprus Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and California Garden Moroccan Sardines in Soya Oil.

I bought two 3-liter tins of the Greek olive oil for $14.99 each or about $5 a liter (on sale through Feb. 26).

The sardines were 99 cents a can, and the cans are the same size as the 99-cents sardines I usually drive to South Paterson to buy.

I bought 12 cans to add to pasta sauce and salads or to heat up with sweet peppers and onions, and eat over organic brown rice.

The food warehouse is at 370 Essex St.; 201-368-9511. Open 7 days.

The Starbucks shop on Essex Street in Hackensack.

The purchase of 1 pound of whole-bean coffee at Starbucks comes with a bonus: a $5 Starbucks Card (through Feb. 24).

Today, I purchased 1 pound of the Veranda Blend, one of the lighter Blonde Roast Coffees, and asked for a Turkish grind -- basically a powder -- for my drip coffee maker.

That exposes more of the coffee to hot water and produces a more robust brew.

The premium coffee was $11.95, but the $5 gift card brought it down to $6.95, a bargain.

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