Thursday, January 3, 2013

Answers to some questions from Costco Wholesale shoppers

This Boskovich Farms Organic Baby Spinach, sold at Costco Wholesale, is triple washed, but shoppers have to hunt for the words around a small faucet on the back label.

The 2.5 pound bag of regular spinach from the same grower is also triple washed.


In all the years I've been buying Earthbound Farm's Organic Spring Mix at Costco Wholesale, I relied on the pre-washing mentioned on the label to cut the time it takes to put a healthy meal on the table.

In the past, the spring mix was "triple washed," but the 1-pound package I bought at my Hackensack Costco today says it is "pre-washed."

I continue to transfer the greens directly into my salad bowl or onto a sandwich for other family members without washing them.

Earlier, I said Boskovich Farms Organic Baby Spinach from California wasn't pre-washed, but that was because I missed the small faucet and the words "triple washed" on the back label.

Costco's broccoli florets were grown in Mexico.

A reader sent in a comment about finding organic broccoli from China at Costco, but I've never seen that at my Hackensack store.

Today, I looked at the label of a 3-pound bag of conventional Eat Smart Broccoli Florets and noticed the words "Product of Mexico." 

Sodium bisulfite is added to this big lobster tail as a preservative.

I also got a comment from a shopper who said the jumbo lobster tail he bought at Costco had a strong smell of ammonia when he cooked it.

The label at Costco lists sodium bisulfite as a preservative.  I've never purchased or cooked that lobster tail.

Today, I bought previously frozen sea scallops for $13.99 a pound at Costco (U-10 or under 10 to the pound, the largest available). 

These are "dry" scallops from the U.S., and no preservatives are used.

A new item at Costco is a hot turkey and provolone sandwich.
One question I can't answer is why Costco doesn't sell freshly brewed coffee at its food counter or even have a small Starbucks outpost in the store.

I'm also puzzled by two customers who changed their mind at the last minute today, and placed large packages of hot dogs and sweet peppers on the floor under checkout counters.


  1. Happy New Year to you Victor!

    "Triple washed" refers to a process where produce is washed first in water, then a diluted bleach solution, then water again. Perhaps the items marked only as "prewashed" aren't using the bleach step? Though organic products are allowed to use it, perhaps that manufacturer wants to avoid the bleach? I'd be interested in the answer.

    1. Gee. Are you sure about triple washed involving bleach? The words "Triple-Washed" appear on the Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix I have in the fridge now.

  2. I am not buying the broccoli anymore. No food for me grown in Mexico.

    1. Why? Did something happen when you ate it?

    2. I agree, I bought some red,yellow and orange peppers that came from Mexico and they smelled and tasted like chemicals, I threw them all in the trash, they were in a pkg from Costco,

    3. I've bought plenty of produce from Mexico at Costco and other stores, and have never had a problem with any of it.

      For years, tomato growers in Florida were gassing their tomatoes to turn them red, but tomatoes from Mexico were allowed to ripen naturally.

  3. i usually buy my broccoli at the farmers market but this time my mom did the grocery she bought the same broccoli you bought but im confused it says no preservatives were added but it doesnt say no pesticides were added i like eating pesticide free ... mine says product of the usa packaged in CA. i hate that they try to be sneaky with the pesticides

    1. Sorry I missed this. Unless it's organic, they can't say no pesticides.

  4. Dont buy lobsters from costcos they smell like ammonia when calling the board of health

    1. I've only seen whole cooked lobsters at Costco, plus uncooked tails treated with a preservative, as the label clearly indicates. That's why I've never bought them.

      The whole cooked ones aren't that good, either.

    2. Did you wash the lobster tail before you cooked it?


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