Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What breakfast looks like at Crepevine

In February, I had breakfast at Crepevine in Burlingame, Calif., where I enjoyed this salad nicoise with seared ahi tuna ($11.95). I didn't eat the bread and butter. 

Crepevine Restaurant, 1310 Burlingame Ave., 
Burlingame, Calif; 1-650-344-1310.
Customers order at the counter.

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  1. Aaron Elson has left a new comment on your post "What breakfast looks like at Crepevine":

    $11.95, plus tax & tip, for a little slice or two of ahi tuna and some greens, at least they gave you a chunk of hard boiled egg with it. For $3.33 you could get two egg mcmuffins at McDonald's, and you'd even qualify for the senior coffee. I'll bet Crepevine coffee added another two bucks to your bill.Two bucks? Who am I kidding, I'll bet it was an extra $2.50. Plus you could probably write to the president of McDonald's and tell him the English muffin on your egg mcmuffin wasn't sufficiently toasted, and he might even send you a free coupon good for another egg mcmuffin. Put that in your crepe and roll it.

  2. There was a lot more than two slices of that beautiful tuna, which melted in my mouth.

    I was so full, I skipped lunch, so it was worth the price.

    1. More than two slices? Hah! You could get a whole six ounce can of Chicken of the Sea white meat tuna for 99 cents with your ShopRite card. Okay, maybe it's only 5.5 ounces these days. And did you know that when fancy restaurants like Crepevine can't get ahi tuna because the Japanese sushi parlors have snapped up all there is, they sometimes substitute mahi mahi? You should always ask the waiter "Is this ahi ahi or mahi mahi ahi" and make him repeat the question four or five times until he's so confused he offers to bring you a few samples first.


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