Monday, November 14, 2011

When it's time to go to Costco

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When it's time to go to Costco Wholesale, my wife always seems to have something else to do.

We live only 2 miles from the warehouse store in Hackensack -- and the ShopRite is farther from our home -- so we often drop in to pick up a few things once or twice a week.

But when we have a longer list .... This is the second week in a row my wife was unavailable. 

Today, I picked up 2 pounds of fresh Pacific cod at $7.99 a pound; Kirkland Signature Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon at $15.39 for 1 pound; Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix at $4.49 for 1 pound, a slightly lower price; and clementines from Spain at $5.99 for a 5-pound box.

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Earlier, on the way home from cardiac rehab at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, I stopped at the ShopRite in that city to renew a prescription.

Clementines were $4.99 or $2 off, but they were from Morocco and I passed.

I did pick up two half-gallons of ShopRite 2% Lactose-Free Milk at $2.99 each (40 cents off). That compared to $4.19 for Lactaid-brand milk and $4.99 for Organic Valley Lactose-Free Milk.

Jenny-brand Kalamata String Figs from Greece were $2.99 for 14 ounces ($1 off). They are sun dried and preservative free.

At Costco, 3 pounds of broccoli florets were $4.99 and three half-gallons of organic milk were $8.99. Thirty Kashi Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bars were $11.79.

The prices of hothouse-grown Roma and Campari tomatoes have gone up to $2.50 and $3 a pound, so I picked up a 5-pound box of Sunset-brand beefsteak tomatoes for $6.99 or about $1.20 a pound.

I also bought toothbrushes, body soap, vegetarian barley-and-vegetable soup, Naked Juice Mighty Mango smoothies and cranberry juice.

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