Sunday, September 4, 2011

Doing the arithmetic at Costco

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When Costco Wholesale in Hackensack is crowded, as it was on Saturday afternoon, I just grab what I need and pay little attention to signs, even though prices fluctuate a good deal.

I do find time to try some free samples -- cheese, nuts and guacamole -- if for no other reason than to quell hunger pains that could drive me to buy more than I need, and overspend.

I picked up seven items on Saturday, all at prices I would have a hard time matching elsewhere, especially in view of the quality Costco is known for. The warehouse store is close to my home, and I go there at least twice a week.

Best of all, cash rebates from the no-fee American Express-Costco credit card more than cover the annual membership fee, and you also get 2% or 3% cash back on gas, restaurant and travel purchases.

Let's look at my receipt.

I bought four half-gallons of Tropicana OJ at $2.84 each, and these are a full 64 ounces, not the stunted 59-ounce containers you see elsewhere.

Three half-gallons of organic, 1% milk were $3.16 each. 

A large, seedless watermelon was $4.99, the lowest price of the season.

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A jar of Geshmak-brand half-sour pickles (48 ounces) was $3.99.

Two pounds of sliced Colby cheddar cheese from Vermont cost $7.49.

Those 12-inch-plus hothouse cucumbers, from Sunset, were $3.29 or about $1.09 each, and weigh 2 pounds.

Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix was $4.99 for a 1-pound container, about $2 less than in other stores.

I saw but didn't buy crab cakes from Phillips Seafood Restaurants, now about $1 more than the $13.69 I paid in October 2010.

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