Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking for something good to eat

Littleneck Clams Await Their FateImage by Smitten with Kittens via Flickr
Don't add salt when cooking clams. They'll give up lots of salty water.

It's raining -- first a pounding on the roof that awoke me around 6:30 this morning and now a drizzle. The forecast is for more of the same through Thursday.

That means I won't be seeing much sun, so I need something good to eat for dinner.

I headed for Whole Foods Market in Paramus, where I saw some beautiful, whole red snapper on ice, and they were on sale.

The fish looked great, but I had wild salmon, flounder, fried whiting, fish sticks (pollock) and shrimp last week, so I was looking for something else.

I picked up my 14-year-old son at Bergen Community College in Paramus, where his arthritis fund-raising walk ended, and drove to Costco Wholesale in Hackensack.

From the way some people were dressed, I figured they were coming directly from church. 

I was in luck. The seafood case held frozen Black Tiger prawns from Vietnam -- about 15 to the pound -- and wild Littleneck clams.

The farmed prawns were $9.50 a pound for four pounds, or $9.99 a pound, if you bought less. The clams were $3.49 pound.

The prawns are cleaned and ready to shell, season and marinate before I cook them quickly in hot extra-virgin olive oil. I'll steam open the clams with a little sake and lemon juice, and make yellow rice and salads.

That will make me feel better. Let it rain.
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