Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fresh wild salmon with garden pesto

Dipnet fisherman on Copper River at Chitina.Image via Wikipedia
A dip-net fisherman on the Copper River in Alaska.

I went back to Costco in Hackensack in search of more fresh Copper River salmon earlier in the week, but there was none in the seafood case. However, on Friday, I found nearly a dozen shrink-wrapped fillets to choose from.

This time, I made a blender pesto from mint and cilantro growing in my garden, but didn't add any grated cheese to it (extra-virgin olive oil, two cups of mint and cilantro, handful of pine nuts, a little salt).

I cut the fillet into seven portions, squeezed on fresh lemon juice and sprinkled them with coarse, mildly spicy Aleppo pepper.

I set the oven for 375 degrees, but put the foiled-lined baking pan in before it reached that temperature, and set the timer for 20 minutes, but pulled the fillets out before the time was up and spooned pesto on each piece.

The portions I had for tonight's dinner were rich-tasting and moist.

I sprayed oil on the aluminum foil to keep the skin-on fillets from sticking, but some of the skin stuck. I peeled off two pieces and popped them in my mouth. Just delicious.

The wild Alaskan salmon was $13.99 a pound, but the Earthbound Farm organic spring mix I used to make a salad went up to $4.99 for a 1-pound container, still a dollar or two below what other stores charge.

Other produce prices at Costco have been dropping.
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  1. Whew, I'm glad to see you used mint and cilantro for your recipe. When I saw you prepared the copper river salmon with garden pesto, I was afraid you used a cup of mites and a few tablespoons of weevils. I put ants in my garden pesto, but they'd be a little crunchy for salmon.

  2. Ants in your pesto are preferable to aunts.

  3. Tonight, I hand-blended grated Pecorino Romano sheep milk's cheese into the leftover mint-coriander pesto, with a little more oil, and added it to hot organic whole-wheat pasta from Trader Joe's.

    White wine, a salad and quick-cooking prawns from Costco completed our dinner.

  4. And you call yourself a foodie. Where's your blogpost about Vidalia onions, which have been in season for almost a month and are 49 cents a pound with your price plus card at ShopRite this week?

  5. I'll have to get over there. How do you like them prepared?

  6. I was just kidding, I know you're a foodie. I like to chop up Vidalia onions and have 'em in an omelet with one of them midsized tomatoes on the vine, although I suppose a campari tomato or two would do, chopped up of course, with omega 3 eggs of course. Or add them to pasta. I'd even cut up an aleppo pepper and add that if I could find one. Where is aleppo anyway?

  7. Aleppo is in the north of Syria.

    The Aleppo pepper already is ground when I buy it at Fattal's Bakery in Paterson. I sprinkle it on omelets, put it in hummus and use it on wild salmon.

    A foodie? I like to eat well and try to avoid all the crap in food.

  8. I think the anonymous commenter has been smoking the same cigars that Monica Lewinsky did.


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