Monday, March 21, 2011

Tunaldine and sardunamon -- hold the mayo

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Don't count out anchovies in that tuna salad you're making.

What do you call a salad made from canned sardines, pink salmon and yellow-fin tuna -- tunaldine, salmunadine or sardunamon?

There are lots of other possibilities, but anyway you spell it, this is a far tastier salad than tuna alone. I've even used anchovies.

I add the water or oil to the  bowl with the canned fish, plus lots of diced sweet peppers, onion and celery, though I didn't  have the last one this time. The dressing is Dijon mustard, fresh lemon juice and a generous amount of ground cumin -- all to taste.

A good proportion is one can of yellow fin, one of salmon and two of sardines, plus one of anchovies, if you dare.

This morning, I made my son a fish-salad sandwich on toasted whole-grain bread, adding a slice of cheddar cheese, organic spring mix, sliced tomato and hot sauce.

Later, for my breakfast, I piled four or five ounces of the salad on more organic spring mix, with my own dressing, reduced fat cheese, sun-dried tomato, Campari tomato and a little kimchi.

The one canned tuna to avoid is albacore, which is said to have the most mercury.
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