Monday, March 14, 2011

A bad day at Whole Foods Market

I took this photo of a tangerine from the tree...Image via Wikipedia
A tangerine. Whole Foods Market mixed a sign for oranges with apples.

The employees of Whole Foods Market in Paramus weren't have a good day on Sunday, and I suffered the consequences.

When I walked into the store in Bergen Town Center, I saw a big bin full of apples with two signs -- one offering navel oranges on sale and the other offering apples.

I pointed out the sign for the oranges to an employee, but she merely gestured, saying the oranges had been moved. And, anyway, there also was a sign for the apples, she said, making no move to remove the sign for the oranges.

Moving on, I saw tangerines on sale for $1.49 a pound and picked up two, and organic Bartlett pears, also on sale for $1.49 a pound. 

But I picked large, expensive tangerines that were mistakenly mixed with the sale tangerines, and at the register, I was charged for the more expensive Bosc pears. 

Whole Foods MarketImage via Wikipedia

I returned to the store this morning, and got back the $4.21 I was overcharged. Unlike some ShopRites when you are overcharged, Whole Foods doesn't refund all your money and give you the item for free. 

While there, I put that $4.21 toward the purchase of thick, meaty hake fillets, on sale for $5.99 a pound or 25% off. This cod-like fish is discounted through Tuesday, a fishmonger said.

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  1. It would seem Whole Foods has hired away some of the programmers from the Hackensack ShopRite, where scanning errors are so common you'd think their boss was named Scandale. At least the ShopRite has a good policy on such errors, most of which occur Saturday night during the changeover to the next week's pricing.

  2. So Sunday shoppers really have to be on their toes, I guess.

    You've got to look over your receipt before you leave the store.


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