Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wal-Mart food flier doesn't impress

A protest in Utah against Wal-MartImage via Wikipedia
A Wal-Mart protest from 2005.

I received a Wal-Mart sales flier with my newspaper today and the first six pages are devoted to food. 

Even if Wal-Mart's offerings were of higher quality, I wouldn't shop there, because of the way this Arkansas company treats its workers.

Low prices aren't enough. I'm happy with the food quality and discount prices at Costco, where the workers belong to a union.

The Wal-Mart flier has page after page of processed food, mystery ham and poultry, pies and cake mixes, and cookies. 

Conventionally grown green beans, celery and clementines are the only produce shown, and the country of origin for the citrus is not given.

Thanks, but no thanks.
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  1. Georgia Shmeorgia, I thought Walmart was based in Bentonville, Arkansas. And yes, the "e" is silent in Shmeorgia.

  2. Thanks for catching my brain fade. I've corrected my post and labels.

    Now, maybe you can explain why "sas" in Arkansas is pronounced "saw."

  3. That's an easy one. Arkansas, which joined the union in 1836, was discovered by the noted pioneer R. "Ken" Saw who, ironically, was the great-great-great uncle of embattled former Hackensack police chief Charles "Ken" Zisa.


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