Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good buys on imported food

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ShopRite in Hackensack is having a four-day "price break" and there are deals on a couple of imported items, including extra-virgin olive oil from Italy and sparkling 100% juice from Spain. The sale at this and other ShopRites ends Saturday.

The sparkling juice from Spain comes in 750 milliliter bottles for $1.79 each with the store card, compared to the regular price of $2.29. There is a limit of four. Flavors include red grape, white grape, peach and apple -- all 100% juice -- and pomegranate-apple, which is not all juice.

The sparkling red grape is so thick and robust, I sometimes dilute it with plain seltzer or the white grape juice.

The ShopRite extra-virgin olive oil is exclusively from Italian olives, unlike others that blend oil from Italy and other countries, including Spain and Tunisia. A 1-liter bottle is $4.99, compared to the regular price of $7.99.

This is a great everyday oil, especially for salads and to moisten leftover pasta, but I also fry eggs in it.

Not all of ShopRite's imported items are on sale. Two that are being sold at full price are bread sticks and oversize, bronze-cut pasta, both from Italy.

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