Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm off to eat Italy

Mele Golden - Eataly #4Image by Montanaro Maurizio™ via Flickr

Chef Mario Batali and his partners have opened another Manhattan emporium of Italian food they call Eataly, but I'm going them one better with a trip to Milan and Venice.

I know the food will be fabulous in the north of Italy, but I've already had a great summer filled with delicious, wild-caught seafood and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables right here in North Jersey.

I plan to take notes and regale you with descriptions of my meals, and I'll try to drop into food stores to see what Italians are buying to prepare at home. I'll be back in under two weeks. 

Italy is where the Slow Food movement began, and the first Eataly opened there as a showcase for the many antidotes to fast food -- a combination market and cafes.
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  1. Omigosh! I just google-mapped "Italy" and there's nothing left but the boot. Victor must have been really hungry.


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