Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More light shed on Bobby Flay's burgers

If you look at the Web site for Bobby's Burger Palace, the grandiose name for the chef's hamburger restaurants, you'll find that the beef used is less than royal.

I checked out the online menu for the restaurant in Paramus and saw Certified Angus Beef listed. As I reported in the previous post, this is a lower grade than Certified Angus Beef Natural. I don't know what the wholesale price difference is, but can't imagine it would stand in the way of a chef who wants to serve the best to his customers.

Certified Angus Beef, unlike the Natural line, is raised with antibiotics and growth hormones, and the feed contains animal by-products. This is not a hamburger I would be interested in eating. And I guess the local newspaper erred in both the original article about the restaurant and the lavish spread published last month. All in all, lots of bull has been thrown around by the restaurant and the newspaper.

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