Friday, May 29, 2009

First day of new food shopping regimen

I had my annual physical in Englewood today and could only have water and black coffee before my blood was drawn. I didn't eat until about 12:30 and went straight home to heat up leftover spinach pie and part of a Greek bagel from Cafe Angelique in Tenafly.

I lived in Englewood for many years and it's a great food town. You should have seen me drive past Ashanti, which has outrageous jerk chicken; and Gaboh Inc., the kimchi factory that is just down the street from there. And with dozens of Korean dumplings in my freezer, I didn't detour to Mandoo Inc. On the way home, there was no stopping at Balthazar Bakery for its crusty $2 baguette or Jerry's Gourmet to sample all the cheese, salami and sweets that are put out every day.

The frugal friend who I all-you-can-eat lunched with yesterday read my last post and commented that anyone who visits nine food stores in 10 days is crazy. I couldn't agree more. This is part of my answer:

It's not entirely my wife's fault but she stopped going to ShopRite on a regular basis, doesn't make a list and often forgets stuff I want like seltzer. That necessitates another trip to ShopRite by me. We had already decided to go to Costco only once a week and I haven't been to Trader Joe's for weeks, meaning I have had to go without Greek-style yogurt and sliced yogurt cheese and St. Louis ribs from the Niman Ranch. Now my wife is going to go to ShopRite during the hour our son is getting his piano lesson in Englewood, where she still prefers to shop. But my pita bread is almost out so I'll have to go to Fattal's soon. I just wish there was one store that had all the stuff I like. I have hated food shopping for years, especially when I did it all. 

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