Thursday, November 10, 2016

A trip to the turkey farm, deals on wild shrimp and wine at Whole Foods

The Goffle Road Poultry Farm in Wyckoff calls itself the only live market in Bergen County.

The market, established in 1948, sells naturally raised capons up to 12 pounds and turkeys up to 40 pounds.


There is something special about getting your Thanksgiving turkey at the only live market in Bergen County.

Today, on a beautiful fall afternoon, we drove the 10 miles out to the farm on Goffle Road in Wyckoff, even though I no longer eat turkey, and my wife and other members of the family prefer drumsticks, thighs and other parts.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, the small farm store was crowded with workers taking phone orders or waiting on a steady stream of customers.

Turkeys are free range, fresh killed and raised without antibiotics -- or "approximately one level down from organic," according to the farm's website.

We called ahead for large turkey drumsticks ($1.69 a pound), large turkey thighs ($2.69 a pound) and turkey necks ($1.99 a pound).

At the store, we also picked up 3 pounds of cleaned chicken feet ($1.99 a pound).

A flier in the store advertises a 3-course Thanksgiving Dinner at Chakra Restaurant in Paramus on Nov. 24, when one of the entrees will be Brandy-Maple Brined Goffle Farm Turkey with cornbread stuffing ($49 per person).

Besides turkeys (stuffed and unstuffed) and chickens, Goffle Road Poultry Farm sells fresh-killed quail, rabbit, goose, and duck, plus chicken and duck eggs (the latter are $1.25 each). 

The retail store stocks Uncle Dougie's barbecue and wing sauces from Chicago ($5.95 for an 18-ounce bottle). The Sweet Luv'n Small Batch Barbecue Sauce we bought is made with honey and dark-brown sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.
The poultry houses and live processing shed appear to have more solar panels than I saw in previous years.

Goffle Road Poultry Farm, 549 Goffle Road, Wyckoff; 201-444-3238. Closed Sundays. 

On Tuesday, wild-caught Gulf Shrimp were on sale for $12.99 a pound at Whole Foods Market in Paramus. Thanks to a tip from a reader, I found a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase on the store's app, which I downloaded to my smartphone. That worked out to about $10.80 a pound on a purchase of 2.05 pounds.

The shrimp are previously frozen, but that doesn't affect the taste. At 16 to 20 per pound, 2 pounds of shrimp provide generous servings for three people with leftovers. A fish-counter employee gladly deveined them for me.

Shrimp with pasta

Wild shrimp deserve a great pasta and sauce, so when I brought home more than 2 pounds of them on Tuesday, I went into the cupboard for a package of Luigi Vitelli-brand Organic Whole Wheat Capellini from ShopRite and a bottle of Trader Giotto's robust Puttanesca Sauce. 

I usually use bottled marinara, adding red wine, extra-virgin olive oil, anchovies, dried herbs and seasonings, including garlic powder, black pepper and red-pepper flakes.

But Trader Joe's mildly spicy Puttanesca can stand on its own. Ingredients include anchovy paste, capers, black and kalamata olives; garlic and red-wine vinegar.

I used about 12 ounces of the 16 ounces of whole-wheat capellini, which take only 3 minutes to cook, so I prepared the shrimp first as I brought the unsalted pasta water to a boil.

I sliced unpeeled garlic, sauteed the slices in olive oil until they were fragrant, and added a few ounces of leftover Victoria Marinara to the non-stick pan.

The 2 pounds of deveined shrimp, marinated in fresh lime juice and a little sea salt, filled the 12-inch pan in one layer, and after a few minutes in the simmering sauce, I flipped them over and cooked them until they curled up and turned pink. 

I drained the pasta, added it to the bubbling sauce, and dinner was served.

At Whole Foods in Paramus, inexpensive bottles of red wine have been moved out of the main wine section and now are displayed inside the Bergen Town Center mall entrance, above and below.

I bought six bottles of cabernet, tempranillo, shiraz and carmenere priced from $3.99 to $6.99, and got a 10% discount at the register. Whole Foods gives you a 20% discount on the purchase of 12 bottles.

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