Wednesday, July 27, 2016

During lunch rush at Starbucks in Little Ferry, two customers act selfishly

SOLES, NOT SOULS: At the height of Tuesday afternoon's lunch rush at the Starbucks on Route 46 in Little Ferry, two selfish young women made clear they didn't want anyone sharing their table for four.

NOT MUCH ROOM AT THE INN: Empty seats were hard to come by as the line to place an order grew.

CARS AND DUMPSTER: The busy Starbucks Coffee at 300-02 Route 46 west has a drive-through window, as well as outdoor tables and chairs without umbrellas, but not much of a view, above and below.

STOOL PIGEON: I sat on an uncomfortable stool at a counter inside the front window to sip a cup of dark roast coffee ($1.95) and eat my Fruit & Nut Box, which also contained three pieces of full-fat cheese, thin crackers, sections of green apple and dried fruit ($4.95).

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