Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Searching for bargain fruit at H Mart, snack bars at Costco Wholesale

Shoppers showed little interest in these overpriced Jaffa Clementines at the H Mart in Little Ferry on Sunday.

Seed to Table-brand seedless watermelons on sale for $4.99 were a much better deal. H Mart is at 260 Bergen Turnpike, Little Ferry. If you go, watch for large puddles in the parking lot.


I found good buys on fruit, fresh fish and greens on Sunday at H Mart in Little Ferry.

And free seafood samples -- which disappeared in late April -- just as suddenly reappeared, offering cooked crab meat, seafood pancake, broiled mussels topped with fish eggs and other items.

I grazed on those samples as I waited for a fish counter worker to clean three fresh, wild-caught red snappers I bought at $4.99 a pound or $2 less than usual.

A medium-size seedless watermelon was on sale for $4.99, and 1-pound packages of Driscoll Strawberries were two for $2.49.

Shanghai Green Tips, which resemble baby bok choy, were on sale for 88 cents a pound.

At the Costco Wholesale Business Center on South River Street in Hackensack, I compared Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Chewy Granola Trail Mix Bars, above, with KIND Fruit & Nut Bars, below. Nature Valley offers three times as many bars for a lower price, but only the KIND bar is non-GMO. 

The Nature Valley bar has fewer calories, less fat and less sugar than the KIND bar, but more sodium. The KIND bar has more fiber. I tried the Nature Valley bar, and liked the taste. But is doesn't have the long-lasting satisfaction of the KIND bar. 

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