Thursday, February 25, 2016

At Lodi food warehouse, organic salads are half the price of non-organic

At the International Food Warehouse, 370 Essex St. in Lodi, bargains are getting harder to find. And missing price signs are common. I did find a liter bottle of extra-virgin olive oil -- a blend from Italy, Spain and Turkey -- for $5.99 that I will use with balsamic vinegar to dress my daily salad.

On Wednesday afternoon, I found 5-ounce containers of Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix and Organic Half & Half  (Baby Spinach and Spring Mix) for 99 cents each, above. The triple-washed salads carried a short expiration date. That's a better buy than 1 pound of Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix for $4.29 at Costco Wholesale in Teterboro.

Next to the Earthbound Farm salads, 5-ounce containers of non-organic Attitude Salads were $2 each, twice the price of organic. Go figure.


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  1. Some smart ass sent in a comment that they are "cheaper because they're shortdated."

    Of course. The Lodi food warehouse sells fresh produce and fish as well as food closeouts.

    But the three 5-ounce containers of Earthbound Farm Organic Salads I bought there for 99 cents each were terrific, and stayed fresh even on the use-by date. I ate one each day for three days.

    The non-organic salads also are short-dated.

    There wasn't even a hint of the rotting I see on or before the use-by date in the 1-pound packages of the same organic salad I get at Costco Wholesale.


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