Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Costco Wholesale throws a party to preview bigger store in Teterboro

From the entrance, above, to the desk that handles new memberships and merchandise returns, below, everything is bigger at the new Costco Wholesale in the Teterboro Landing Shopping Center off of Route 46 in Teterboro, a 3-mile drive from the Hackensack warehouse store, which closed tonight. Teterboro also has a Costco gas station, where regular is $179.9 a gallon.

The Teterboro Costco will open for business at 8 tomorrow morning, but only to members. Tonight, members and non-members were invited to attend a party with food and non-alcoholic drinks, smoothies and iced coffee.


You still can't get a great cup of coffee at the newest Costco Wholesale in New Jersey.

And the liquor store won't be stocking Costco's private label wines, French champagne or Italian prosecco.

A third disappointment is that you will have to go elsewhere to have your wheels aligned after landing a great deal on tires.

Yes. The Teterboro Costco is far bigger and brighter than the Hackensack warehouse, which closed tonight after 21 years.

But the new members-only warehouse store reminds you of the saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The location of the new store, across the street from a busy business airport, allows members to gawk at the millionaires and VIPs who come and go in sleek but noisy passenger jets.

Costco Wholesale, 2 Teterboro Landing Drive, Teterboro; 201-596-7001. Open 7 days.

For normal hours, check the Website: 

Where the jet set shops for deals

The Teterboro Costco has a larger Dairy, above, and more room devoted to fresh produce, below.

Sunset-brand sweet peppers and tomatoes are grown in hothouses.

The cold room with salads and other items is about four times the size of the one in the old store.

Costco comes through with giant teddy bears.

Tables with non-alcoholic drinks and food were set up throughout the Teterboro store tonight, above and below.

Unfortunately, most of the food was aimed at meat eaters.

Hummus, above, and raw vegetables, below, were among the few options for people who don't eat meat or poultry.

Among the store's seafood offerings is fresh wild-caught ahi tuna for $14.99 a pound.

There are many more tables and chairs in the new food court, but a cup of coffee still isn't available.

NB Liquors will be handling beer and wine sales, with a separate entrance open to members and non-members alike, similar to the arrangement at the Hackensack warehouse. But members still will have to drive to the Wayne Costco for private-label Kirkland Signature wines, champagne and prosecco.

You'll find the usual great Costco prices on Michelin tires, but then you'll have to get your wheels aligned elsewhere. That's like going to Costco to have your eyes examined, then being told you can pick out a frame, but will have to go someplace else to have the glasses made.

The Teterboro parking lot corrals are bigger, but the shopping carts aren't sheltered.

On the last day of business at the Hackensack Costco, above, shelves were noticeably empty, and I couldn't find a number of items on my list, including smoked wild salmon, pears, bananas and cage-free organic brown eggs.

Hackensack Costco members are accustomed to seeing merchandise stacked to the ceiling. Next year, the store will reopen as a Costco Business Center, catering to small businesses and other members, with delivery and cash and carry.

An oversized slice of Costco's fresh-baked pizza from the food court is $1.99, and a 20-ounce seltzer is 59 cents. Unfortunately, you can't get a well-done pizza. This slice had way too much cheese and a floppy crust, and a slice of the vegetable combo pie wasn't available in Hackensack or at the party in Teterboro. An 18-inch pie is $9.95.

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